Passion of the Christ - THE LAST SUPPER

Leonardo da Vinci  (1452–1519) created a masterpiece on the wall of the Convent at Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. This image depicts the restored “Last Supper.” Because da Vinci painted this as a fresco, it could not be removed for safe-keeping during World War II. Instead, a protective structure had to be built in front of the famous work. A photo from 1943 shows how helpful that protective structure actually was to save Leonardo's work from massive damage. Click on the image for a better view.


As observant Jews, Jesus and his disciples wanted to celebrate the Passover together. Going to a place in Jerusalem called the "upper room," they prepared for dinner.

Jerusalem at that time—as it is today—was located near a desert. People wore sandals and walked from place to place. As a result, their feet became dusty and dirty in the dry climate. As part of the preparation for celebrating the Passover, people washed their feet as well as their hands.

Before dinner, Jesus took a basin of water and a towel and washed the feet of his disciples, despite their protests. After He had washed their feet, Jesus told his followers:

I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

While they ate the Passover meal, Jesus told His disciples that night one of them would betray Him. Without identifying who it was to the rest of the group, Jesus encouraged Judas to get on with the business at hand.

Judas had made a deal with the religious leaders: For 30 pieces of silver, Judas would let them know where to find Jesus so they could carry out their plot.

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