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Horses are a familiar part of Dartmoor National Park (where the Narracott family lives near Sheepstor village). This image depicts a pony in the huge park which covers 365 square miles (945 square kilometers). Image online via Dartmoor.de (a German-language website).


Fictional Albert Narracott - a Devonshire boy - lives with his parents in a farmhouse near the village of Sheepstor (at least, in the film version of the story).  Named after the nearby Tor - a hilly or rocky outcrop - known as "Sheeps Tor," the village has less than 100 residents and is located in Dartmoor National Park.

Free to roam around, Albie - as he's called by his friends - is an only child.  His parents - Ted and Rose Narracott - work hard to earn a living on their rented property.  Their way of life, in the spring of 1914, is typical for people who farm rented land.

Other boys from Devonshire - or "Devon," as it's called locally - also help with chores on their owned (or rented) family farms.  They live nearby in small Dartmoor villages, or towns, such as:

Dartmoor's countryside provides some freedom for children when their work is finished.  Long before the days of television, the Internet, video games - and even radio - the boys of Devon spend much of their free time outside.

Horses are part of life's fun, not just part of life's work, and Dartmoor has some interesting species:

Albie's father - Ted Narracott - worries about much more than paying his family's bills.  What will happen if war erupts in the aftermath of Franz Ferdinand's assassination? 

Having served as a sergeant in South Africa's Boer War, Narracott has firsthand experience about war's horrors.  He also knows that sustained fighting can break a man's spirit.


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