An Unlikely Hero: The Story of Raoul Wallenberg - THE NIGHTMARE CONTINUES

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There was a very run-down and shabby part of Budapest called the Central Ghetto. When the Arrow Cross took power in Hungary, they closed off this section of the city and forced tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews inside.

If someone resisted, they were shot. It wasn’t a large enough area for so many people and living conditions, lack of food and clean water, and no medical care made the prisoners inside feel helpless.

Meanwhile, Raoul and his Section C worked tirelessly making more safe passes to the Jews who had not yet been delivered to the Central Ghetto as well as trying to beg, steal, or borrow supplies and food to give to the 30,000 people inside that were living in Raoul’s safe houses.

Raoul knew the war was almost over, as the Soviet Union army was moving closer to Budapest ton liberate it from the Nazis. But he worried if he could keep the 70,000 Jews in the Central Ghetto and the 30,000 Jews in his safe houses alive until they arrived.

One night, the Nazis raided one of the safe houses and forced 180 men, women, and children into the street where they were shot. Raoul could not stop them.

The next day he heard that the Nazis were loading Jews from the Central Ghetto into cattle car at the train station. Raoul went immediately on the station, set up a small table and calmly announced to the Nazi soldiers and the people in line for the train cars:

I am Wallenberg from the Swedish Embassy. I need all my people to show me your pass! He walked up to a line of Jews and said “Yes—you—I have your name in my book. Show me your pass.“ The man fished through his pockets and pulled out a driver’s license. Raoul looked at it and said, “Fine. Next!”

The others caught on quickly. They began to pull out passports, letters, even eyeglass prescriptions. Wallenberg carefully wrote each name in his book. By the time he had pulled hundreds of people out of the line, he could see the soldier were catching on.

He said “Now—march,” to the men he had saved. He marched them back to the safe house where they were all given valid safe-passes.

Raoul had saved two thousand Jews in this way.

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