Black Hawk Down - THE REAL HEROES

Photos of Master Sgt. Gary Gordon and Sgt. 1st Class Randy Shughart—who sacrificed their own lives to save others during the October 3, 1993 Battle of Mogadishu—as they appeared on the cover of the Fall 1994 issue of NCO Journal. Online via the Department of Defense.


Effective leadership wins battles, but personnel have to be properly equipped. Today, Rangers and Delta Force commandos are still sent into harm’s way, fighting terrorism and doing what their country asks of them.

Washington has learned lessons from the Battle of Mogadishu in which so many people were killed and wounded:

  • Rangers receive more training than they did before, including urban warfare.
  • Soldiers simulate actual battlefield combat at Ft. Polk, Louisiana.
  • Better technology (such as personal combat computers and drones which patrol for thirty-six straight hours) help to keep soldiers safe.

The lessons of Mogadishu, which benefit today’s fighting men and women, came at a price. That price was paid both by those who were injured and by those who died.

Three survivors of the Mogadishu battle talk about what happened (and expound on the lessons which were learned as a result).  Col. (ret) Larry Perino, Col. (ret) Lee VanArsdale and Master Sgt. (ret) Kyle Lamb have a compelling story to tell.

The movie, Black Hawk Down, portrays the courage of those who fought. Many of the film's characters, however, are composites of real soldiers. Hereafter are links to information and pictures of the actual soldiers who died at Mogadishu.

These are the fallen heroes of Mogadishu, sent to do a job without proper equipment or sufficient backup. They are loved and remembered by their families. They will not be forgotten by their friends and country.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are exceedingly grateful to the Rangers who reviewed this story for accuracy.

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