Before 1961, archaeologists could not find any physical evidence associating “Pilate” with the story of Jesus (or even with the history of Rome in Israel). That changed in 1961 when Dr. Antonio Frova and his team of archaeologists discovered what is now known as “The Pilate Stone.” They found this at the town of Caesarea, which had become Rome’s administrative seat in Jerusalem around 6 AD. The broken limestone rock still bears this readable inscription:

"To the Divine Augusti [this] Tiberieum
… Pontius Pilate
… prefect of Judea
… has dedicated [this]"

It may have been an ancient Roman temple (or theater) which Pilate was dedicating to his patron, the Roman Emperor Tiberius, since that is where Dr. Frova’s team uncovered the stone. Photo by Marion Doss; online via Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY 2.0


Going across the city to Pilate's residence in Jerusalem (likely the Antonia Fortress, although that location is debatable), the assembly presented Jesus for the next round of interrogation. The religious leaders charged him with, among other things, subverting their nation and claiming to be Christ, a King.

Pilate asked Jesus whether he was king of the Jews. Jesus answered:

Yes, it is as you say.

Bewildered why the Jews were charging Jesus, Pilate told them he could find no fault (the oldest surviving copy of that New Testament verse is from about 125 AD) in the man.

So what if he claimed to be a king? Who had he harmed?

Pressing the issue further, the crowd would not accept Pilate’s position. Learning Jesus was from Galilee, Pilate decided to send him to Herod Antipas, who was also in Jerusalem for the Passover.

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