Amistad Incident - THE SLAVE TRADE

THE SLAVE TRADE (Illustration) African American History Civil Rights Film Nineteenth Century Life Slaves and Slave Owners Trials

The "triangle trade" included the "Middle Passage," during which kidnapped Africans were herded onto overcrowded ships bound for Caribbean islands and North America.  Many kidnapped people died during the horrific journey.  Map depicting the Triangle Trade, online courtesy Gettysburg College.  PD


Portuguese slave hunters (called "slavers") illegally wrenched Sengbe and his fellow captives from their homes in February, 1839. It was an all-too-common occurrence, even after the British Parliament outlawed the slave trade in 1807.

Using inhuman devices to control their victims, slavers violated all existing treaties and laws. The practice continued due to demand for cheap labor in the "New World."

During the difficult journey from Africa to Cuba - called "The Middle Passage" - many of the captured people died. Fifty-three Africans (of Mandingo, Gbandi, Vai, Lorma, Kissi and Mendi heritage) were transferred to La Amistad, a ship chartered by two Spaniards who had "purchased" the captives at auction in Havana.

Four children were among the Amistad Africans.

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