When news of her unjust trial and execution spread, everyone involved tried to avoid blame. Even Charles VII sought to overturn the verdict. But nothing happened until Joan's mother, Isabelle Romme, petitioned the Church for a retrial.

Because a bishop of the Church (Pierre Cauchon) and the Inquisitor of France (Jean Lemaitre) had convicted her, only the Pope could order a new trial.

On November 17, 1455 - at the Cathedral of Notre Dame - Joan's mother and brothers pleaded for a new trial. Fortunately, the clerk of the original trial, Guillaume Manchon, was still alive. Manchon testified about the improprieties he had witnessed at Joan's trial and signed his name

It took less than a year for the judges to renounce the verdict which had condemned Joan to death.  On June 7, 1456, they used especially harsh words regarding Pierre Cauchon and his colleagues:

...(Joan's) Confessions have been falsely translated...


...even the form of certain words has been altered, in such manner as to change the substance.

Joan's status in the Church was restored. The new verdict was publicly read in the Rouen marketplace, where Joan had been burned 25 years before.


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