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It was the summer of 1944. The Nazis has taken over most of the European countries and had almost reached their goal of making Europe “Jew Free." In the end, over six million men and women, children and the elderly, would be sent to die in gas chambers or shot to death and thrown into mass graves.

The last population of Jews to be eradicated was in the country of Hungary where Admiral Horthy, the ruler of Hungary, had successfully kept the Nazi army away from his people—including the Jews. But in March of 1944, the Nazi army invaded Hungary.

The man Hitler put in charge of the “Jewish problem” was Adolf Eichmann. He commanded a special force of the German army whose orders were to kill Jews.

Eichmann moved to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, vowing to kill every Jew that was there. He began by rounding up 430,00 Jewish people from the Hungarian countryside and put them in prison camps. He then ordered that 12,000 of them be moved by railway cars to gas chambers in Austria and Poland. Eichmann sent so many people that the commander of the death camps told him:

Slow down. We can not possibly kill people as fast as you are sending them.

Raoul wished he could do something to help the Jews. He got his opportunity when he met an American named Iver Olsen.

It was the meeting that changed his life forever

Original Release: May 01, 2015

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1) Bernheim, Rachel, A Hero for Our Time, The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States, Apr/26/1981, Apr/26/2015, http://www.raoulwallenberg.org

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