Regicide: Mary, Queen of Scots - TOGETHER IN DEATH: FINAL IRONY

After the Queen's death, attendants made a death mask of Mary Stuart's face.  For centuries, it has been a possession of the Hamilton family (who inherited some of Mary's artifacts, including a beautiful ring and the infamous "silver letter casket").  Image online, courtesy Lennoxlove House.  PD


In an interesting twist of fate, Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots, are both interred at Westminster Abbey. Although Elizabeth refused to ever meet her cousin in life, she is spending time near her in death.

Before that happened, however, Mary had one last surprise for everyone who witnessed her death.

Long known for her legendary beauty, she went to the execution block at age 44, looking her best. But when the executioner, holding on to Mary's auburn hair, raised her head for all to see, Mary's head slipped away and rolled on the floor.

What people saw was the head of a woman with short gray hair. The executioner was left holding Mary's auburn wig.

Mary's hair had turned gray from her long years of confinement. But no one knew what she actually looked like, without her wig, until it no longer mattered to Mary, Queen of Scots.

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