South Carolina History - South Carolina and Adoption of the Declaration of Independence

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South Carolina was well represented in the First and Second Continental Congress.  It was in the Second Continental Congress that the Declaration of Independence was debated and then signed. 

The delegates from South Carolina were the elite plantation men from the Lowcountry, without a single man from the backcountry being sent.  The men from South Carolina who signed the Declaration of Independence were: 

All of these men would serve in the state militia and, after the revolution, would go on to serve in the government.  Thomas Lynch Sr., was left a place to sign on the Declaration of Independence but died before he could sign it. 

Thomas Jefferson, who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence, had been influenced by the ideas of a man named John Locke. John Locke believed that everyone had a right to equality, natural rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Locke also believed that it was the purpose of government to secure those rights.  He also believed that when government did not try to secure those rights, it was the right of the people to abolish or alter that government.

These basic beliefs can be found almost word for word in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration made it clear that it was the King who had violated the rights of the colonists, not Parliament.  King George III was responsible for not giving his subjects a voice in the government. 

The colonists in the new world believed that it was the lack of representation in the government which led them to no longer be loyal citizens.  The Declaration gave the colonists a common bond to unite under and served to unify the new nation against the common enemy, which was the King of England, and the tyranny of having no say in their government.

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