Student Stories on the Colossus of Rhodes - The Colossus at Rhodes by Hubert Yamayo and Trent Grotjan

Imagine the Statue of Liberty, but smaller and a guy. This is the Colossus at the harbor of Rhodes, built by Chares, a 3rd-century B.C. sculptor.

This is perfect for those of you who like history. Let’s explore the times of the Colossus at Rhodes.

The Colossus at Rhodes was made of bronze. The bronze was made after a war at Rhodes since the soldier’s armor and swords were made of bronze.

The Colossus was towering over the docks with his legs touching each side standing at 105 feet. The Colossus is representing the sun god, Helios, in Greece. But of course there must have been a builder.

Chares, the architect, labored for twelve years constructing the Colossus. He completed it in 280 B.C., only to have it destroyed by an earthquake in 224 B.C. A man named Pliny says:

Even as it lies, it excites our wonder and admiration. Few men can clasp the thumb in their arms, and its fingers are larger than most statues. Where the limbs are broken asunder, vast caverns are seen yawning in the interior. Within it, too, are to be seen large masses of rock, by the weight of which the artist steadied it while erecting it.

Although gone, this wonder has not been forgotten. Let’s conclude with some review. 

The Colossus at Rhodes was an amazing wonder, made of bronze and created by Chares. It was created in honor of Helios to give thanks for helping the outnumbered Rhodians defeated Demetrius when he tried to invade and conquer their island. The weapons that Demetrius and his men used were made of bronze, which after the battle they used to create the Colossus.

This wonder was breathtaking and will never be forgotten.

Original Release: May 23, 2017

Updated Last Revision: Jun 20, 2017

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