The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen

This book - by Howard Carter and A.C. Mace - was originally published in 1923 (with subsequent volumes in 1927 and 1933).  The edition pictured above was published in 1977, at a time when King Tut's treasures (and his mummified remains) were causing a worldwide sensation.

The photos, within the book itself, were taken by Harry Burton (of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York).

The back cover of this edition takes us back in time, setting the stage for Howard Carter's discovery:

November 4, 1922.  For six seasons the legendary Valley of the Kings has yielded no secrets to Howard Carter and his archeological team:  "We had almost made up our minds that we were beaten," he writes, "and were preparing to leave The Valley and try our luck elsewhere; and then - hardly had we set hoe to ground in our last despairing effort than we made a discovery that far exceeded our wildest dreams."

This book contains full-color images of the story behind the discovery and the treasures which Carter's explorations have revealed to the world.

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