Roberto Clemente: A Hero Beyond the Baseball Diamond - The End of the Legend

"Clemente Plane Crash Site", Two week search for survivors, Beyond Baseball, Fair Use.

Roberto was at home in Puerto Rico for a holiday with his family in 1972. He heard the news about a devastating earthquake that hit Managua, Nicaragua. Buildings had collapsed, fires raged through neighborhoods. Over 10,000 people had been killed and another 200,000 were left homeless. Organizations from around the world were flying in needed supplies for the people, but much of the supplies were being taken by profiteers and never given to the people. On New Year’s Eve, Roberto Clemente loaded a DC7 plane with relief supplies including food, clothes, and medicine and decided he would personally deliver the supplies to insure they got to the hands of the people in Manaqua. But he never made it to Nicaragua. 

The engine of the plane exploded shortly after takeoff and the plane crashed into the Caribbean Sea. Everyone on board was killed.

The city of Pittsburgh, the island of Puerto Rico, and the entire world mourned the death of such a noble man and great leader.  

The National Baseball Hall of Fame usually waits five years after a player ends his career to induct him into the Hall of Fame. But in an unprecedented move, they immediately voted to include Roberto Clemente.  He was the first Latin American player ever elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Original Release: May 13, 2016

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