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The Hanging Garden of Babylon By: Ariana Coyt



Have you ever been somewhere where the location is not known? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a very mysterious wonder. There is a very interesting story all about it.


If you are wondering who built it? Why? What? When? Where? But there's a lot of mystery still behind this wonder.



(This is how it is believed that the Hanging Garden of Babylon at one point looked.)



According to one theory, the garden was ordered to be built by the king Sennacherib in 605 B.C when he started ruling. He ruled for 43 years after that. He wanted it built right next to the palace because it was for his wife. He wanted to make her happy because she was homesick. She missed the natural beauty of the plants and animals from her homeland. She was very pleased with the garden.


The location of the garden is still unknown.  Many people believe they know exactly where the gardens are. But there are no documents that say that the gardens ever existed. There also is no known archeological evidence that the garden where real. There were several Greek and Roman writers that wrote about the garden, but in all of the writings none of them agreed on why they were built. But most still believe that the garden was once located near the ancient city of Nineveh.


The garden did not actually have hanging plants. It comes from a Latin word which means overhanging not just hanging. Overhanging means to extend outward over. (In the picture) They were placed more like if it was a balcony or a terrace. Fun fact? If the garden was watered daily it would have taken 8,200 gallons of water to water them.


If the garden did exist what happened to it? Many scientist believe that if it did exist, it was destroyed over time with war and erosion. Recent research has found aqueducts near the city of Nineveh which would have made it possible to water such a huge garden. It also would have made the extra water go in the direction it was supposed to go in.


So as you have seen, the Hanging Garden of Babylon is a very mysterious and amazing wonder. It is the only one of the seven wonders of the world that may have not actually existed.


So what do you believe?

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Original Release: May 19, 2017

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