Student Stories on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, An Ancient Wonder by Lauren Daniels and Arianna Cordero

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A wonder of the ancient world—The Hanging Gardens of Babylon—has a lot to do with ancient Hellenic culture. These gardens were made by a man named Jeremiah Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar was the king of the Babylon empire. He was the oldest out of his siblings and was the son of Nabopolassar.



Nebuchadnezzar was mentioned in 607 B.C.E. After a destruction in Babylon happened during a war with Assyria, he was crowned prince. Two years later he led an army against the Egyptians who were taking care of Syria. The outcome led to Syria and Phoenicia coming under the control of Babylon.


                                     The Hanging Gardens of Babylon


Later in Nebuchadnezzar’s life he married a woman named Amuhia. He wanted to please her by making what we now know today, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The gardens were made out of plants and raising water around 600 B.C.


                          Amuhia (wife of Nebuchadnezzar)


Amuhia or Amytis, as she is also known, was the leader of the Median Empire. She was the daughter of Cyaxares and was the only child. When Nebuchadnezzar tried to please her, because she felt homesick, he planted trees and other plants to make her feel at home. Today evidence suggests that the gardens were built by someone other then Nebuchadnezzar, maybe an Assyrian King?

After Nebuchadnezzar’s death in 562 B.C., at the age 71 or 72, The Hanging Gardens were still standing. Later, the 75-300 foot gardens were destroyed. Unfortunately, the way of destruction is unknown.  

                 After Destruction of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon


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