Student Stories on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Hannah Maddox

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There are many places in the world to visit and one of them is The Seven Wonders of The World. One of the Wonders is one that you will be learning today The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. You will learn how and who created it to who and how it was destroyed.

The story of how the gardens were built is a loving and true story. It was built by King Nebuchadnezzar for the queen (his wife) Amyitis. It was built because she was sick and the king thought that making the gardens would make her feel better.

The gardens were built near the ancient city of Nineveh in 600 B.C. It was made up of mud bricks, plants, and roots. It is about 400 feet wide and long and 320 feet high.

This is the king and his wife

The gardens were waterproof but they had water problems. The water was raised from 75 feet of water to 300 feet. German archaeologist Robert Koldewey did uncover unusual chambers that may have been used to pump a water chain.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was destroyed by an earthquake in the 2nd century BC. Even though the gardens were destroyed they are still remembered to this day.

There are only ruins left but people still visit it today. Now you have visited one of the Seven Wonders of The World -- The Hanging Gardens of Babylon from the beginning till the end.

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