The Perfect Storm - Dale "Murph" Murphy

The Perfect Storm - Dale

In his book,  The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Junger describes Dale "Murph" Murphy as follows:

He's a big grizzly bear of a guy from Bradenton Beach, Florida.  He has shaggy black hair, a thin beard, and angled, almost Mongolian eyes; he gets a lot of looks around town.  He has a three-year old baby, also named Dale, whom he openly adores.  His ex-wife, Debra, was three-time Southwestern Florida Women's boxing champion...  (Junger, The Perfect Storm, pages 8-9.)

John C. Reilly played the role of Dale Murphy in The Perfect Storm, a film released in 2000.

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Quoted passage from The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, online courtesy Google Books.

Photo, online courtesy U.S. Coast Guard.


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