The Road of Sorrow

Nina Marchenko created this artistic interpretation - entitled “The Road of Sorrow” - depicting what it was like for Ukrainians when a man-made famine, between 1932-33, caused so many people to die of hunger.

The work is available online via Holodomor Research & Education Consortium. It is part of a collection of art, created over eight decades, depicting the suffering of Ukrainians during the Holodomor (Ukraine’s description of the time when Stalin’s orders caused massive starvation and widespread death in Ukraine).

The collection is called “Holodomor; Through the Eyes of Ukrainian Artists." It came together as a result of considerable efforts by E. Morgan Williams. The Consortium provides this description of the painting:

This is a stylized painting depicting starving villagers crowded together, watching as the bodies of their loved ones are piled high atop a chart, to be taken to a mass grave to be buried. This happened quite often during the Holodomor, at times they would take people who were close to death but still alive.

Nina Marchenko has created several paintings depicting this time of troubles in her country.

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Holdomor Research & Education Consortium, Nina Marchenko

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