The Story of Writing - Preface

"Writing", What is writing?, by Tom Morris, The Art of Writing, Fair Use.

How does one become a good writer?   To understand what a good writer is, we must first understand the bigger question: “What is writing?”

Writing is the method we use to respond and react to the world around us.  Whether we use pen and paper or a computer, you write because you want to communicate something to others. When we write, we are connecting to a need or want inside ourselves to link our ideas and thoughts to others.

In school, we are taught how to make sentences that make sense to those who read them.  We learn all the rules of grammar and punctuation that organize our words.  Using these rules, we can put our thoughts and ideas into words that will transmit not only their meaning, but also how we feel about the subject we are writing about.

Writing is a process – a thinking process that takes planning, drafting, and revising our words and sentences so that the finished product reads clearly and can be easily interpreted by the reader.

Writing is how we use language to communicate, just as humans have done for centuries.  There are many different types of writing and each one has a unique purpose.  This story explores writing and process of writing that can be complex or simple, personal or subjective, but always with the purpose of taking ideas from your brain and putting them on a page to share with others. 


Original Release: Apr 05, 2016

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