Virginia Tech Massacre - These Also Fell

"User B" took this photo, of Virginia Tech's memorial to the fallen victims of the April 2007 massacre, during September of 2007. The image is online via Wikimedia Commons. Permission to use this photo is granted, by the copyright holder, via COM: GFDL.


The McMullen County High School students who authored Voices From Virginia Tech wrote about twenty-four of the thirty-two shooting victims who died. We have duplicated everything they created, presenting it in the same order and appearance, save for a single work.

Because the purpose of this story is to honor the memory of innocent people, we did not include a poem about the shooter (who committed suicide after his rampage). Diana Seiffert, the students' English teacher at McMullen, agreed with that approach.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the remaining eight who died in the Virginia Tech massacre:

Jocelyne Couture-Nowak

Jeremy Herbstritt

Rachael Hill

Henry Lee

Partahi Lumbantoruan

Daniel O'Neil

Erin Peterson

Maxine Turner 

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