To the Pillory "In the Interest of Labor and Morality"

Arriving in America, the Puritans continued the use of the pillory. Intended to punish people by humiliation, among other things, the pillory was not abolished until an Act of Congress ended its use in 1839.

This image depicts an illustration by Louis Dalrymple which Keppler & Schwarzmann published in "Puck" on October 16, 1895 (v. 38, no. 971). It ridicules the Puritanical approach taken by people in authority, likening their actions to placing citizens in pillories and stocks.

The Library of Congress maintains this chromolithograph, and its curators tell us more about it in this summary:

Print shows, on the left, many businessmen and women in stocks and pillories for such offenses as serving guests wine on Sunday, "for shaving on Sunday", "for delivering ice on Sunday", "for selling a glass of beer on Sunday", "for blacking shoes on Sunday", and "for working the growler on Sunday"; a notice states "Behold the Punishment of the Wicked Sabbath Breaker. Let All Evil Doers Beware".

On the right is a group of New York legislators dressed as puritans, including Lieut. Governor Charles T. "Saxton", Thomas C. "Platt", Jacob M. "Patterson", Hamilton "Fish", Frederick S. "Gibbs", Warner "Miller", Governor Levi P. "Morton", Chauncey M. "Depew" and Jacob S. "Fassett".

The caption, underneath the drawing, is difficult to read. It says:

The glorious revival of blue Sundays, stocks and pillories, that our good Republican Puritans are trying to bring about.

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Original Release: Mar 16, 2016

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Media Credits

Louis Dalrymple, artist; Keppler & Schwarzmann, publishers (in "Puck" on October 16, 1895). Online via the Library of Congress. Copyright 1895 by Keppler & Schwarzmann, now expired. Public Domain.


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