Travels Through North and South Carolina - William Bartram

Travels Through North and South Carolina by William Bartram

This book - Bartram's Travels - plays a key role in the Cold Mountain story.  It was the first publication to describe the natural beauty in the United States and life among the native Americans whom William Bartram encountered.

The Library of Congress maintains a rare copy of this work.  Its curators tell us more about it:

Pioneer naturalist William Bartram discovered many new species of native plants and birds during his trip through the southeastern wilderness from 1773-1777. With an artful balance of science and poetry, Bartram described the profusion of natural beauty he encountered in his Travels.

Believing that civilized man could learn much from studying the Native Americans' relationship to nature, he carefully recorded details about Indian history, religion, and customs that revealed the complexity of their culture and innate virtues.

Although received with initial indifference in the U. S., Travels was embraced abroad, with nine European editions in six different languages. Bartram's lyrical prose later influenced the writings of Coleridge, Wordsworth, Emerson, and Thoreau.

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