Trial of Francis Gary Powers

This historical footage, without sound, depicts scenes from the trial of Francis Gary Powers in Moscow's Hall of Columns.

It also includes a view of the street, near the place where trial is held, as large crowds try to get a view of the comings/goings.

The clip includes scenes of Powers' family, including his father Oliver—who initially broached the subject of a spy exchange between the US (holding Rudolf Abel) and the USSR (holding Powers' son)—and the Soviet leader (Nikita Khrushchev) who is examining parts of the U-2 wreckage.

The capture of Powers, and his plane, was a significant coup for Khrushchev. He must have been pleased when he heard the American government announce that one of its planes, on a weather mission, had gone missing.

That story, of course, was a cover-up.

Even President Eisenhouwer made an announcement, along those lines. Not until the U.S. federal government had fully committed itself to the bogus story did Khrushchev announce that the Soviet government had both the plane and the pilot.

CIA officials, for whom Powers worked, were upset that their pilot had not destroyed his plane before it crashed to the ground. That fact—plus the fact that Powers had not used his poison pin on himself—caused some U.S. officials to distrust Powers.

Although it was not known until many years later, the Soviets had shot-down other U.S. planes which were flying in Soviet airspace. Crew members, aboard those flights, did not survive.

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Silent historical footage of the Powers' trial, online via YouTube.


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