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This photograph depicts Tsar Nicholas II with his heir, Tsarevitch Alexei (wearing a sailor's hat with Russian written on its bill).  The younger Romanov had hemophilia (a closely guarded secret kept from the Russian people, and the rest of the world, for most of Alexei's life).

We also see other extended-family members in this image. The Romanovs were visiting with the family of King Edward VII, on the Isle of Wight, when this picture was taken. 

The visit coincided with Cowes Week, named for the world's oldest annual sailing regatta which occurs the beginning of August and is based in the town of Cowes (on the northern shore of the Isle of Wight).

The event, which takes place in the Solent (the body of water which separates the Isle of Wight from England), is known for its challenging conditions (including double tides).

On the 4th of August, 1909, Arthur William Debenham (who was in bankruptcy court by the following year) took the picture depicted in this image.  Left-to-right are:  

  • Prince Edward of Wales (later the abdicated King Edward VIII who became the Duke of Windsor);
  • Tsar Nicholas II;
  • Tsarevich Alexi;
  • Prince George of Wales (later King George V).  

George and Nicky, as the two men were known by their family, were also called "The Twins." Their mothers, Alexandra and Dagmar, were sisters (which explains why they looked so much alike).

Their sailing uniforms reflect the events of Cowes Week.

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