Veil Nebula - Stunning Supernova Remnant

As technology improves, so does NASA’s ability to provide unbelievably beautiful images from its orbiting space telescopes.

In September of 2015, NASA—together with its partners ESA (European Space Agency) and the Hubble Heritage Team—revealed a stunning image of the Veil Nebula.

The picture is actually a combination of six separate images which create a flawless mosaic depicting a small expanse (about two light-years) of the nebula’s actual size (110 light-years across).

Sarah Loff, at NASA, tells us more about the Veil Nebula and this awesome picture:

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has unveiled in stunning detail a small section of the expanding remains of a massive star that exploded about 8,000 years ago.

Called the Veil Nebula, the debris is one of the best-known supernova remnants, deriving its name from its delicate, draped filamentary structures.

The entire nebula is 110 light-years across, covering six full moons on the sky as seen from Earth, and resides about 2,100 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan.

This view is a mosaic of six Hubble pictures of a small area roughly two light-years across, covering only a tiny fraction of the nebula’s vast structure.

This close-up look unveils wisps of gas, which are all that remain of what was once a star 20 times more massive than our sun. The fast-moving blast wave from the ancient explosion is plowing into a wall of cool, denser interstellar gas, emitting light.

The nebula lies along the edge of a large bubble of low-density gas that was blown into space by the dying star prior to its self-detonation.

Click on the image for a truly great view.

Media Credits

Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team. Online via NASA's website. Public Domain.


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