Pope John XXIII: The Man Who Loved All People - Venice

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As a Cardinal, Roncalli was assigned to be the patriarch of Venice. He was delighted because it was in his home country of Italy and he was tired of being a diplomat.  He wanted to care for people.  In Venice, he made himself available for anyone who wanted to see him. He took public transportation everywhere, which consisted of the water taxis that float on the canals of Venice.  He would climb on and strike up conversations with whoever he was sitting by.  He would tell jokes and stories and the people of Venice always gathered around him—even when he left the boat. 

Money was tight in Venice and Cardinal Roncalli sold the luxurious patriarch’s villa and used the money to feed the poor.  This angered church officials, but he was happier living in more humble circumstances.  Every August he returned to his hometown of Sotto il Mont, although by this time his parents had died as well as some of his brothers and sisters.

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