Vertical Limit: K2, The Savage Mountain - Summary

Vertical Limit is a fictional movie about climbing the world’s second highest mountain, K2. K2, the most dangerous mountain to climb, is in the Karakoram Range. At 28,250 feet no mountain - save Mount Everest - is higher. But no mountain - even Everest - is steeper.

Peter Garrett (Chris O'Donnell) is a mountain climber and photographer. Peter is in a climbing accident with his father, Royce (Stuart Wilson), and sister, Annie (Robin Tunney), which results in his father’s death. While Annie goes on to become a renowned mountain climber, Peter is not able to climb again. 

Annie attempts to climb K2, which is very dangerous to climb because of tough conditions. Elliot Vaughn (Bill Paxton) funds the expedition and plans to climb along with his friend, Tom McLaren (Nicholas Lea). There is a huge party the night before the climbers begin the hike and Peter goes to the base camp to see Annie. Peter is invited on the trip but refuses to climb.

On the climb Annie, Elliot, and Tom fall through a patch of ice and become trapped in a crevasse. Annie radios back to base using Morse code and Peter learns of the accident. Peter manages to assemble a rescue mission with the base's best climbers. 

Meanwhile, underground, Annie begins to suffer from pulmonary edema, when water begins to form inside of the lungs, and she will die unless given medical attention. Tom’s leg and ribs are broken. Vaughn is the only one unharmed and has a medical kit. Annie pleads with him to use dexamethasone to save Tom and her, but Vaughn refuses, unwilling to waste it on a "lost cause." Will Peter make it to Annie in time? Will Annie, Elliott, and Tom make it out alive? 

In this story behind the movie, read a tale of death-defying, risk-taking, mountain-climbing courage. Meet the brave climbers who are the first to reach K2’s summit. Take a virtual tour of the second highest mountain in the world.  Along the way, learn why the nearby area of Kashmir is disputed (between India and Pakistan), and what happened to two of the world's most-famous 20th-century mountain climbers (George Mallory and Sandy Irvine).

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Original Release: Dec 01, 2000

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