Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow

Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow Social Studies Geography World History

What was Vietnam like in the 2nd Century B.C.?  What has its culture been since then, continuing through the 1970s? 

People who are not Vietnamese tend to think about Vietnam mostly in terms of the wars with France and America, but how have the Vietnamese viewed themselves for all these centuries? 

Did the long history of this country have any bearing on the war its people waged against France (when Vietnam was part of French Indochina)?  Did it have anything to do with the war it won against the United States?

How did the Vietnamese people view the Vietnam War?  How did Americans view it?  Have these positions changed during subsequent years?

Stanley Karnow has interviewed people on both sides of the conflict.  His work as a reporter was instrumental in the PBS series based on this book.  It is, unfortunately, not available for online reading.

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