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Years of fighting, in Vietnam, took its toll on the people. 

For eight years, Vietnam fought the French (when the country was part of "French Indochina").  Thereafter, when the country was split in two (beginning in 1954), North fought against South as leaders (like Ho Chi Minh) tried to reunite Vietnam under a communist-led government.  When the U.S. sent help to aid South Vietnam, in that in-country battle, the war continued.

This image, of a Vietnamese couple, is maintained at the U.S. National Archives.  Its curators have provided this description:

Le My, Vietnam....The wages of many years of war are reflected in the faces of this aged Vietnamese couple who live here in a United States Marine Corps-sponsored refugee camp here. During the past several months, hundreds of such Vietnamese families have been evacuated from Viet Cong terrorism to the center by Leathernecks of the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines Regiment, 3rd Marine Division., 1965.

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U.S. National Archives image, ARC Identifier 532436, courtesy U.S. National Archives.




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