Vietnam - Pleiku and Camp Holloway Attack

Universal Newsreel provided coverage of the attack in Pleiku in February of 1965.  Included in this video is a background of the situation, in which eight Americans died and 49 jets retaliated.  Robert McNamara, then-Secretary of Defense, briefs reporters on the events.

The video continues with pictures of Navy planes taking-off from an aircraft carrier, scenes from a second raid, a Hawk missile battery and George McBundy, a presidential advisor who visits Camp Holloway.

Upon his return to Washington, McBundy holds a White-House press conference to discuss the "sneak attack" (due to the nature of the war in Vietnam) and "the contest against the communist regime."


Media Credits

Universal Newsreel coverage for February 8, 1965. 

Online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.



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