Vietnam War Comes to the Living Room

Americans became very upset about the Vietnam War when they watched horrifying scenes on their television screens.

Warren K. Leffler photographed this unnamed couple as they watched the news, broadcast via television, in their home.

It was February 13, 1968—when this scene took place—and people throughout the country were becoming increasingly upset about America’s involvement, and fighting, in Vietnam.

This image is maintained at the Library of Congress. Its contact sheet folder caption reads:

War comes to the living room, WKL, 2/13/68

The photo's title is:

A man and a woman watching a film footage of the Vietnam war on a television in their living room.

The photo is part of the Library’s U.S. News & World Report Magazine Photograph Collection.

The U.S. State Department provides a few introductory words about the photographer who took this picture:

Warren K. Leffler was a photographer for U.S. News & World Report during the civil rights years. Although based primarily in Washington, D.C., Leffler also traveled to the South to cover many of the main events for the magazine.

Unfortunately, the war continued to escalate, after the date of this picture, before it was finally over.

We learn, from the National Archives, that 58, 220 Americans died during the Vietnam War. Of those deaths:

  • 40,934 were killed in action;
  • 5,299 died of wounds;
  • 9,107 died of an accident;
  • 1,201 were declared dead;
  • 236 died of homicide;
  • 938 died of illness;
  • 382 died of self-inflicted wounds;
  • 123 were presumed dead.

Some servicemen, who survived the war, had psychological injuries as a result of all they had endured. When they returned home, to America, many Vietnam veterans were treated disrespectfully by their fellow countrymen.

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Original Release: Feb 17, 2016

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Media Credits

Warren K. Leffler photographer; 3 February 1968 image online via the Library of Congress. Per the Library: "No Known Rights Restrictions."


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