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This image depicts the interior of Goupil & Cie’s Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands.  Vincent van Gogh worked here during the early part of his career (when he was an art dealer).

The van Gogh Museum's web site provides the following information about Goupil & Cie (and other similar nineteenth-century galleries):

Art galleries of the mid-19th century displayed traditional paintings depicting historical and allegorical subjects. These were the themes favored by the Paris Salon and the teaching academies.

In addition, art dealers sold engraved reproductions of artworks that had been prize-winners at the Salon. The inventory at Goupil & Cie. was no exception.

In his early days as an employee of the gallery, Van Gogh shared the current taste for artists such as the sentimentalist Ary Scheffer or the Salon favorite Adolphe Bouguereau.

The approval of the official art world was essential if an artist hoped to sell his paintings through a commercial gallery such as Goupil's. Artists whose works were not selected for the Salon had few options. Some painters bartered their canvases with shopkeepers or restaurateurs in exchange for supplies or a meal. Others were lucky enough to find patrons who judged paintings for themselves, without relying on the opinions of the Salon jury or art critics.

Tiring of his position as an art dealer, Vincent began to rely on his genius as an art creator.

Because most people did not appreciate his work until after his death, however, Vincent was not one of the "lucky" artists who found patrons willing to judge his "paintings for themselves." Despite his inability to sell his work, to support himself, Vincent kept painting, producing one masterpiece after another.

Today, the Dutch artist's works are among the most-valuable in the world.

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