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King John is entombed at Britain’s Worcester Cathedral. This image depicts his tomb. The photo, by Greenshed, has been released into the public domain. Image online via Wikimedia Commons. Click on the image for a better view.


King John's relationship with his barons continued to deteriorate after Runnymede.

Bolstered, no doubt, by the Pope's actions in declaring it null and void, John did not keep the Charter. Responding, the barons called for French assistance as they continued to fight the king.

John Lackland died the year after Magna Carta, in 1216, as he was in the midst of another invasion. He was 49 years old. His final resting place is in Worcester Cathedral.

But nearly 800 years later, Magna Carta lives on as the foundation of English and American common law. Even bad kings, with nefarious motives, are sometimes remembered for good results.

Such is the case with King John.

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