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Lt. General Walter Krueger was head of the U.S. Sixth Army in late 1943. 

Kreuger had some ideas on how to form, and train, an elite group of soldiers who could employ guerilla tactics to fight against well-entrenched Japanese positions in the Pacific.

From San Antonio - home of the Alamo - Krueger thought the required reconnaissance teams would have to perform like Davy Crockett and his frontiersmen. They would have to be the best of the best, willing to fight against insurmountable odds - like Crockett’s last stand at the Alamo.

Why not call this group of elites the "Alamo Scouts?"

The Alamo Scouts - who performed exactly the way Kreuger had anticipated during the Cabanatuan raid - owe their name to him. They owe their courage to their own inner beings.

This image depicts Walter Krueger with Douglas MacArthur and George Marshall (who later won a Nobel Prize for his “Marshall Plan” which aided nations decimated by World War II).

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