War of 1812 - A Scene on the Frontiers

War of 1812 - A Scene on the Frontiers Native-Americans and First Peoples  American History Visual Arts

This drawing was produced during the War of 1812.  According to the Library of Congress:

This cartoon, alleging British atrocities, was produced at the beginning of the War of 1812 and reproduced by American publishers trying to whip up anti-British sentiment.

It may have been inspired by a massacre at Chicago in the aftermath of which British Army Colonel Henry Proctor purchased American scalps.

We can learn more about this incident from the Providence Gazette’s report dated October 10, 1812 (at page 2).


Mr. Greely states the following facts, respecting the capture of Fort Dearborn (Chicauga).

The assailants were all Indians. The garrison capitulated with them that they should spare the lives of the garrison, who were to have as much of the arms, ammunition, provisions &c. as they could carry away.

But, the Indians finding that in the night Capt. Wells, who had come from Fort Wayne to conduct the garrison to that place, had ordered a quantity of powder and ball to be thrown into the Chicauga river, the Indians became incensed, fired upon the garrison as they marched out of the fort, killed Capt. Wells, and wounded Capt. Heels and his lady whose lives were saved by a Mr. Burnett, an Indian trader, who claimed them as friends, and offered to purchase their ransom.

Capt. H. and his lady are now at St. Joseph's with Mr. Burnett. Mr. Greely had this information from a Pattawatimie chief, who came to Fort Dearborn, to assist the garrison, but was compelled by the hostile Indians to join them.

For more on the massacre, see “The True Story of the Deadly Encounter at Fort Dearborn,” by Geoffrey Johnson, published in Chicago Magazine on January 4, 2010.

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