Warsaw Uprising: Home Army Loses Ground

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With no one to help, including the Soviet Army, participants in the Warsaw Uprising could not continue their resistance.  Despite heavy fighting for every street, the insurgents began to lose territory they had previously liberated.

This map depicts the loss of territory by September of 1944.  After 63 days, the rebels had to give-up the city.  The human toll was catastrophically high.  Historians estimate that about 18,000 insurgents were killed (or executed after the city capitulated). 

When Hitler's troops bombed the city, even more people died.  Historians put the casualty figures somewhere between 120,000-200,000.

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Map image, depicting gains made by the Home Army after five days of fighting, copyright London Branch of the Polish Home Army Ex-Servicemen Association.  NOTE that copying permission is granted provided that you provide reference to the source and authors.


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