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Dr Gilbert T. Bell wrote an information sheet about the Wallace Well and Monument near Robroyston, Scotland.  It is entitled 'Wi' Wallace Bled,' William Wallace: Local Hero and Guardian of Scotland

Among other points which Dr. Bell makes is this:   William Wallace matters to Scotland, even today.  He showed people how to resist the strong-arm of too-much government.  He showed people how to sublimate their own interests for the greater good of everyone.

About the Wallace Well - the last place where William was a free man before he was betrayed to Edward I by his own servant  and another colleague - Dr. Bell says:

Robroyston was the scene of his capture and betrayal.  Because Wallace matters, Robroyston also matters.  Places of real historical significance are thin on the ground.

... at Robroyston one can stand on soil which one can rightly and proudly assume to be the very place once graced by the footsteps of one of Scotland's greatest sons and certainly her greatest champion of freedom.  It is a place steeped in history.

This image depicts Wallace's Well, located near Robroyston, Scotland.


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Image online, courtesy the Mitchell Library, Glasgow Collection, Bulletin Photographs.




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