What Can Happen If a Worker Does More than the Job Requires?

Harold Thomas Cottam—from Southwell (Nottinghamshire, England)—was a 20-year-old wireless operator on board the Carpathia when Titanic's wireless operators were sending their distress calls.  His actions greatly contributed to the survival of about 700 Titanic passengers and crew members.

Describe the role Thomas Cottam played in rescuing Titanic's survivors. What do you think motivated him to keep his headsets on, and then check-in with Titanic's wireless operators, before he shut-down his own wireless station for the night?

Cottam was technically off-duty when he performed his life-saving tasks. What he accomplished shows what can happen if a worker does more than the job requires. Can you think of a time when someone did more than the job required, thereby making a difference to others? Describe that event.

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