What Illness Put the World in Chaos?

When Americans experienced “the worst epidemic the United States has ever known,” the U.S. was not alone in battling the disaster. People around the world were sharing the same fate.

In Japan, posters encouraged the public with words like:

If treated quickly it gets better right away.

That, alas, was not always the case.

Since so many people were sick - historians estimate that 25% of Americans got sick with Spanish Flu - overflowing hospitals could not accommodate all the patients. Instead, people were often treated in tents.

Can you imagine being deathly ill and treated in a tent? What would that be like?

Can you imagine being a health-care provider, called-upon to treat patients who have a virus you know causes people to die?  What would that be like?

How would you handle being personally, and routinely, exposed to a virus which has no-known preventive vaccines?

What do you think made Spanish Flu so deadly?

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