The Ultimate Relay Race: The Monarch Butterfly Story - What is the Difference between a Moth and a Butterfly?

"Moth vs. Butterfly", What are the differences and similarities, https://www.pinterest.com/, Fair Use.

Almost all humans—whether themselves or their ancestors—have migrated from place-to-place by means of a theory called push-pull.

What does that actually mean? The push-pull theory means that people were either drawn to a new place to live by something positive—such as water and food—or pushed to a new place because of threats—such as war and famine. 

With the help of your parents or others, see if you can create a map of the migration of your family through as many generations as possible. When you are finished, you might want to compare this to the migration of the Monarchs. They are:

  • Pulled by fresh resources in the northern areas, in the summer; and
  • Pushed to southern areas to avoid the winter cold.

Now that you know something about Monarchs, it's time to hear the story from a butterfly's point of view. It's really interesting!


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