When Disaster Overwhelms a Country Is Leaving the Best Remedy?

As the years of famine dragged on, and potato crops continued to fail, the Irish began to leave their country to live elsewhere. Within four years, about 1 million people had left their homeland.

Their decision to leave was less a choice about where to live but more a response to a seemingly hopeless situation. They could stay in their own country, without knowing when the famine would end and the potato blight would be extinguished, or they could try to find a better life somewhere else.

Do you think uncertainty about when the blight and the famine would end, for the Irish people, has any parallels in the 21st century?  Explain your answer.

Are there situations today when people similarly leave their homelands because it seems to be the best (or only) remedy for their families? Explain your answer.

When people leave their countries, to escape an overwhelming disaster, what challenges do they face in a new place?

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