Polk County Students Present Historical Stories - Who Really Was Saint Patrick?

"St. Patrick", St. Patrick and four leaf clover, by Kelly Simms, Gannett Media, Shreveport Times, Creative Commons.

By Zilong Liddle and Eric Doss

Saint Patrick was born in 387 A.D and lived either in Scotland or the United Kingdom. When he was 16 years old he was shipped to Ireland by pirates and taken into slavery. As a slave to a pagan high priest named Milchu, he was forced to take care of sheep in Ireland.

So he worked as a shepherd for 6 long years on the top of a mountain. But while he worked he would often study Christianity and pray, unlike before when he was free and payed very little attention to the religion. So one day Patrick had a religious dream, which inspired him to escape and leave for home.

When Saint Patrick escaped his master and sailed home, he was motivated by his dream to become a priest. So he traveled to France, where he studied the job of priests. In 430 A.D. he became a bishop and was sent by the Pope back to Ireland, where he worked as a missionary to convert others to Christianity.

He was also sent out to continue Palladius's work. Palladius was a missionary sent by the pope to convert Ireland who wasn't very successful, so Patrick was his backup. Throughout Ireland, Patrick did many baptisms and teachings. But when pagan chiefs and others showed resentment toward him he had problems in converting others. Many people hated the idea of Patrick coming to change all their beliefs so they imprisoned him many times.

But Patrick kept preaching and soon he was able to convert a large amount of Ireland to Christianity. Today Saint Patrick is celebrated through many Christian churches, and has a holiday. He is responsible for the Celtic Cross, and his work in Christianity is why we celebrate him and Saint Patrick's Day.

Original Release: Jun 14, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jun 15, 2016

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