Why Is Being a Political Leader Risky Business?

Margaret Thatcher took some popular and some unpopular stands. In 1984, she narrowly escaped death when a bomb, planted by an Irishman in a Brighton hotel, went off in a nearby bathroom. Undaunted, she declared she was not giving-in to terrorists.

By the time she was Prime Minister for ten years, Thatcher wanted to keep serving but her husband wanted her to retire while she was still on top. Not following Denis’ advice, Thatcher forged ahead with policies which became very unpopular and polarizing (even in her own cabinet).

Being a political leader can be very risky. What are some of those risks?  

Is it a good idea, or a bad idea, for a government leader to be uncompromising? Explain your answer.

Is it fair for one family member to put the entire family at risk, due to whatever ambitions that person may have (either political or something else)?   Why, or why not?

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