Why Should We Care about Odysseus and the Sirens?

Odysseus instructs his men to tie him to the mast of his boat. In this way, he can listen to the enticing songs of the Sirens but not give-in to their temptations.

What does such a story have to do with 21st-century life? We don't live in a world of make-believe or in a place where it takes ten years to get home. However ... we do live in a world which is filled with temptations.

Have you ever been tempted? Were you able to resist the temptation? How?

If you couldn't resist the temptation, do you regret giving in? What would have helped you to resist?

Have you ever had to give-up something you really wanted? Did giving it up make you resentful or relieved? Why?

What if, like Odysseus, you could experience whatever it is that is tempting you, but you also had a way—also like Odysseus—to keep you from totally falling prey to it? Would that be a help or a hindrance in living your life?

If that were possible, what would be your temptation (akin to hearing the Sirens' songs) and what would be your resistance (akin to being strapped to a ship's mast so you can't succumb to a temptation capable of ruining your life)? 

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