Horace Mann: Father of Public Education - Why Study Horace Mann?

The study of Horace Mann is a requirement in nearly all schools as part of the curriculum, especially in social studies and language arts. It is part of the section dealing with reform, or the remaking of society in an attempt to improve it. 

Horace Mann, you see, was dedicated to helping others. He saw that education was the key to success for all.  To this end, he developed a list of ideas and worked his adult life to make them so. 

It is not enough to read about Horace Mann's accomplishments, you must be able to relate them to your life:

  • He insisted that all teachers be qualified and tested.
  • He wanted safe schools funded by the pubic.
  • He wanted everyone to have a free education.
  • He wanted these changes when most of the world had few of them in place.

Although the idea of a public school started in Jerusalem—where a unified system required every child, male or female, over the age of five, to have an education—the idea did not catch on for many years. Horace Mann took this idea and brought it up-to-date. He also worked to make it the law.

Among his many other issues were also these:  Who gets to teach—and what do they teach—in the schools?

Horace Mann, thus, was a reformer. The fact that his accomplishments are part of your studies shows that he wanted, very much, to create a society where all people could be educated and exchange ideas.

Hopefully, as you read about his life and sacrifices, you can gain a new perspective on education and develop an appreciation for what Mann, the reformer, has created for you.

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