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This image depicts an area of Leiden known as William Brewstersteeg (William Brewster Alley).  It is the place where William Brewster (a "Pilgrim Father) lived and worked during his Leiden sojourn.

Brewster and his assistant, Edward Winslow, printed books which were banned in England.  Their efforts were funded by Thomas Brewer. Some of the printed books were smuggled into England while others were sold at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  

Government officials in England were not pleased with these events.

When the English ambassador began to pressure Dutch officials about the book-printing business, Brewster and his colleagues were at risk.  No longer could they freely do in Holland what they could not do in their own country.

Both Thomas Brewer (the financing source) and William Brewster (the printer) were arrested in Leiden.  When the sheriff released Brewster, he quickly left town and went into hiding in a nearby village.

All that remains of Brewster's home is the wall depicted in this picture.

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