Wolfgang Vogel and Rudolf Abel

After Francis Gary Powers was convicted as a spy, in Moscow, Wolfgang Vogel negotiated the exchange of Soviet-spy Rudolf Abel (Willy Fisher) for Powers. His negotiating partner, for the US, was James Donovan.

This image depicts how Vogel appeared on November 26, 1959. He was in Berlin, at the time.

Vogel completed the Abel-Powers negotiations, with Donovan, in February of 1962.

The two men, plus Frederic Pryor—an American student who'd been taking graduate-level courses at the Free University of West Berlin, since 1959, but was being held in East Germany without charge—were exchanged on the 10th of February, 1962.

Media Credits

Image of Vogel by an unnamed photographer and placed online via "Der Spiegel" (the German-language newspaper). Copyright AP, all rights reserved. Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


The photo is described, by "Der Spiegel," in this German-to-English translation:  "Archive photo, from 1959, showing the GDR [German Democratic Republic] lawyer Wolfgang Vogel. Vogel apparently had a key role, as a lawyer, for the GDR."


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