Student Stories on the Statue of Zeus at Olympia - Zeus the Greek God of Olympia by Xavier Cruz and Erick Silva-Avila

The statue of the Greek god Zeus was built in the 5th century B.C. It was about 42 feet tall when completed and was built by the Greek sculptor Phidias.

Phidias was both a sculptor and a painter. He was born in 480 B.C. in Athens, Greece and also died in Athens during 430 B.C.


The statue was made of gold and ivory and weighed about 20,000 pounds. It was made at Phidias' studio in the Sanctuary of Olympia in Greece.

Zeus was the king of all Greek gods. He had the power in his hand, and Zeus was so big that if he stood up his head would go right through the the top of the building.

Zeus’ golden flip flops rested on a foot stool that was decorated with an Amazonomachy. That's a big word which means "Amazon battle."

The picture on the foot stool depicted the mythical war between ancient Greeks and the Amazons. They were a nation of all-female warriors. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia: New Approaches talks about the foot stool Amazonomachy at page 46.

Around 170 BC, the statue was damaged by an earthquake, but it was repaired. Then it was destroyed again in the 5th century AD by fire. That is around the time when the Roman Empire finally collapsed.

Phidias must have been a pretty famous sculptor because not too long before that, he made a statue of the Greek goddess Athena. It was similar in size to his statue of Zeus. Phidias also made working on the Zeus statue more efficient by putting his workshop near the temple at Olympia.

             More about Zeus 


Before Zeus became the Greek's chief god, he was a baby who almost got eaten by his father, Cronus, the king of the Titans. You might ask why would a father do that? Well, because according to Cronus, they believed that one of his children would dethrone him. So he tried to make sure that none of them survived.

Zeus' mother made sure that did not happen, though. Instead of wrapping her baby in a blanket, she wrapped a stone in a blanket and gave it to the king so he would not eat Zeus. After he ate the stone, she hid Zeus in a cave that was guarded by young warriors (called Curetes).

Zeus lived on Mt. Olympus, in Greece. It’s a good place for a weather god, like Zeus, who would protect Mt. Olympus and the Greeks by using lightning bolts made by Cyclopes. Many gods lived with Zeus, but he was the one in charge.


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