Student Stories on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Denim Donaldson and Olivia Daniels

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Have you ever wanted to be Tarzan or swing from vine to vine well I know a place the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Who destroyed it? Who built it? How tall is it? While you’re enjoying these beautiful gardens, don't forget to learn about them. You just might get hooked and never leave these beautiful gardens.

Nebuchadnezzar II built the gardens because his wife Amyitis missed the green hills and valleys of her homeland, because she did not like the Babylon desert. Her homeland was in Persia and it had many plants and fountains. Over time earthquakes destroyed these gardens little by little. They were built in 605 bc at Mesoplatinum. These gardens are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World because it's awe-inspiring.

The Babylonians ruled for 300yrs. The Babylonian emperor was captured by Cyrus. King Nebuchadnezzar II  ruled Babylon from  605 BCE to 43 yrs.  It was during this time that he is said to have had the Hanging Gardens built. The gardens were thought to be about 75 ft. high. The water would have been carried up or transported to the top of the gardens by a primitive water irrigation system.To have a Hanging Garden water had to be pumped from the Euphrates river. Writers have said that it would have taken 8,200 gallons of water each day to keep the plants watered. There are many clay tablets that exist from that time period.

The gardens were once located in Mesopotamia but now are located in Iraq. The gardens are destroyed and people are debating their existence. Traditionally the gardens were said to have been built in the ancient city of Babylon during what is the present-day Hillah Babil province in Iraq. The civilization of Babylon built the Hanging Gardens with its ruler. It is known as the Holy City of Babylon: the god of Babylon is the god of thunderstorms.

You have learned a lot about the hanging gardens so you probably feel like you want to live in them, get lost on an amazing adventure, or wonder why was it built and how did they create the effects which were so astonishing? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is a place to find happiness and a place where you find a place to look for yourself.

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