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Sep 1, 2017 ... Interesting stories and activities about U.S. Presidential.
Sep 1, 2017 ... A list of facts and events that make the Presidential Inauguration a unique.
Sep 1, 2017 ... This illustration, from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum,
depicts America's "First Ladies" from Martha Washington through ...
Sep 1, 2017 ... A link to numerous primary resources, about U.S. Presidential Inaugurations, at
Jan 3, 2017 ... George Washington arrives in New York City, on the 30th of April 1789, for his
first inauguration as America's.
This image depicts the second inauguration of Barack Obama who delivers his
address from the West Front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington,
This photo depicts the first inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on the 4th of March,
At the time of President Garfield's inauguration, Frederick Douglass was a U.S.
Marshall. This illustration depicts him at the Garfield inauguration.
Sep 1, 2017 ... Here Is a Lesson Plan for Your School. Making School l Elections Meaningful: A
Relevant Civics Lesson by National Hall of Fame Educator ...
First inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on the 4th of March,
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