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A list of facts and events that make the Presidential Inauguration a unique.
Interesting stories and activities about U.S. Presidential.
Interesting information about he wives of the President during the.
At the time of President Garfield's inauguration, Frederick Douglass was a.
A view of the inauguration of President Kennedy which took place on the east
portico of the.
This image depicts the Inauguration of the Statue of.
First inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on the 4th of March,
Image of a photograph depicting the Inauguration of President Lyndon Johnson
at the.
A link to numerous primary resources, about U.S. Presidential Inaugurations, at
Here Is a Lesson Plan for Your School. Making School l Elections Meaningful: A
Relevant Civics Lesson by National Hall of Fame Educator Alan Haskvitz. Almost
every school has school or class elections with the idea of sharing the true nature
of a democracy where everyone can vote. Usually, those students who want to ...
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